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Care and maintenance of your window

Your new KAPO windows will bring you a lifetime of joy. To make sure of that, we provide our care and maintenance manual with important information on installation, use and maintenance of our products. Please follow these instructions closely. If physical damage or damage resulting from environmental influences such as hail occurs, please contact the KAPO service team.

As a result of the high-quality, technology and craftsmanship, KAPO windows and doors are very durable. However, wood - as any other natural material - requires a minimum of maintenance to preserve its natural beauty for decades to come. With the care and maintenance manual, KAPO provides the essential information for the care and maintenance of your windows and doors.

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Overview on the contents of the manual

KAPO provides a care and maintenance manual for the installation, use and maintenance of KAPO products. This manual offers valuable information on the care and maintenance of KAPO windows and doors such as installation instructions, information on fittings, maintenance instructions for windows, doors and accessories, etc. The manual also gives advice on airing rooms for a healthy room climate.

The KAPO Service team is available if you have individual and special requests, so that you can enjoy KAPO products for years.