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Glass facades

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The transparency of a modern world

Large glass panes are mainly implemented in new buildings or additions to buildings. Over the past few years, the co-operation with research, economy and international architects has made KAPO specialists in the construction of glass facades, wood-glass and mullion-transom constructions. Glass-only facades are custom-made and are available with matching KAPO windows and doors in wood and wood/aluminium.
  • Types of wood: spruce, larch, oak, thermo-treated spruce, Meranti - other types of wood on request
  • Types of glass: heat insulating, solar control, noise insulating, fire protection, anti-burglary or bullet-proof glass
  • Can be combined with sun and insect screens
  • Can be combined with bus and alarm systems
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Wooden facades

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With size comes responsibility

Wooden facades by KAPO stand out by their appearance, the flawless craftsmanship and the high quality. They are also the perfect match for KAPO windows and doors. KAPO offers full service where you can choose from various types of wood and designs. Special varnishes and surface finishing ensure durability regardless of the weather.

Wooden facades in Turkey: The most impressive wooden facades can probably be found at the Bosporus in Turkey. One of KAPO's most beautiful projects was also implemented there. Numerous facade elements such as bases, cornices, or balustrades vary. KAPO specializes in manufacturing wooden facades of listed buildings true to their original style, in high-quality and accurately.
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