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ONLY WOOD MAKES IT STABLE | With all other materials, glass has to take on the static function, which eventually leads to excessive stress in the glass and, over the time causes the profiles to sag.

WOOD AGES GRACEFULLY | Wooden windows can be restored. Even after decades of use or when damaged, wooden windows can easily be restored or repaired at comparatively small costs. A new coat of paint and the wooden window looks as good as new again.

A WOODEN WINDOW WITHSTANDS THE TEST OF TIME | By choosing the right wood and the right coating, and if desired, a service contract tailored to your needs, a wooden window will survive for generations. In actual figures, this means that the lifespan of a wooden window is at least three times longer than that made of a synthetic material.

WOOD IS WORTH THE MONEY | At the first glance, a wooden window may not seem to be the most inexpensive solution, but it certainly is the most sustainable and beautiful solution for your home and it will pay off over time.

STAYING HEALTHY | Wood kills bacteria and provides a healthy home.

FEELING GOOD | It feels good to be surrounded by natural materials at home. Wood conveys a feeling of warmth and cosiness. In addition, wood regulates humidity and thus ensures a comfortable living environment.

GO ON - TOUCH IT | A wooden window does not build up electrostatic charge. This means that you can touch wooden windows any time without receiving an electric shock. A nice side effect: No electrostatic charge means, it also attracts less dust.

IN THE EVENT OF FIRE | Wooden windows are much safer since they burn more slowly and remain stable for a longer time. Whereas, when PVC burns, hydrochloric acid and toxic dioxins can destroy and contaminate both the building and its furnishing.

MORE EFFORT | But only in the production process. For the production of a wooden window, more staff is required than for a plastic window. So jobs are secured and the value chain remains in the region. The additional expenses for service and maintenance remain low for the customer.

FOR THE SAKE OF THE ENVIRONMENT | Wood is part of the natural cycle. As a raw material, wood always re-grows an it is fully biodegradable.

WOOD IS BRILLIANT | For centuries, Venice has been supported by wood. For millennia, people have been crossing the oceans in wooden vessels, and houses in Nordic countires, with
their rough climate, are predominantly built of wood - the raw material wood stands up to extremes.

WOOD IS TIMELESS | For centuries, wood has been a building material used for old farmhouses, Venetian palazzos or modern buildings, untouched by the passage of time. This is exactly why wood remains, even today, the ideal material for wnidows and doors that will give you pleasure for many decades to come.