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From room to room

Those who have the best windows also need the best interior doors.

KAPO interior doors not only can be individually designed, they are also custom-made and of the highest quality.

You can design your interior doors according to your imagination: modern, simple door panels in various types of wood and colours or country-house doors with glass inlays and muntins or moulded doors - we have it all. All our doors are equipped with 3-way adjustable hinges so that they perfectly fit into your home. On request, we also manufacture different types of fire protection and security doors.

Two wing interior doors are also available. The doors can be adjusted to segment and round archways. All interior doors can be manufactured with door frames, rabbets, and jambs. Fittings can be selected to match the style of the door - a whole range of nickel and brass fittings are available.
In addition to our standard assortment, we also offer our interior doors "made-to-measure":
  • emergency fire doors in wood or lacquer
  • full glass doors
  • doors with aluminium frame (one-side/flush-mount)
  • climate protection doors, soundproofing doors
  • several fittings/mounts (flush-mount, magnetic door locks,...)
  • arched and segmental arched doors
  • sliding doors
  • doors with one or more wings
  • customized productions with individual measurements
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