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WOOD | It is obvious: a natural renewable raw material is the best from the ecological point of view. Be it houses, boats, roof constructions or Venice, wood has been a versatile, durable and sustainable material for centuries and it has been used in all kinds of construction projects. That is why wood has been KAPO's ideal material for 85 years.

ALUMINIUM | Being a light metal, aluminium can be shaped perfectly and when exposed to air, it forms a wafer-thin mat corrosion layer within seconds. This corrosion layer and a powder coating protect the metal from moisture and light. Combined with wood, aluminium is the perfect material for high-quality windows and doors.

GLASS | Ordinary window glass has become a high-tech product that can be used for various applications: be it noise insulation, fire protection, or anti-burglary, bullet-proof or mirrored glass. Structured glass surfaces can be used to screen property from view.

PAINTS & VARNISHES | KAPO uses water-soluble varnish that does not contain any solvents and does not harm the environment. Paints and varnishes provide creative freedom - no matter if used on wood or on wood/aluminium. Covering paintwork, which hides the surface of the wood, or oil and varnish that let the structure of the wood shine through, are equally possible.

SECURITY | The protection of people and property is as important for the standard family home as it is for presidential residences. Windows and doors have to meet the highest security standards. According to customer requirements, KAPO offers different security and resistance classes as well as glazing.

FIRE PROTECTION | It may sound astonishing at first, but properly processed wood achieves excellent fire protection performance. Therefore, KAPO offers individual solutions for numerous window and door systems and various fire protection classes.

NOISE INSULATION | Noise is omnipresent in urban and rural areas and can pose a threat to health and comfort. KAPO offers noise-proof windows with outstanding properties and glazing that guarantee a noise-free, relaxing living and working environment.