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"The basic idea for my first collection of upholstered furniture relates to the shape of a shell. A shape whose aesthetics and function are that of a 'shelter', of protection. I can, so to speak, retreat into this form and feel protected. "Refuge is the theme".  The collection designed exclusively for NWW by the German designer combines fashion, cultured living and lifestyle, it awakens the hermit in the cosmopolitan, it shows him a path on his flight from noisy everyday life.

The trend: A retreat into your own four walls. The answer: furniture that enfolds you. Timeless models with soft shapes that offer refuge. Comfortable counterpoints, islands of individuality, abodes of peace in the midst of hectic megacities. Cosyness put into a nutshell. High quality materials of understated beauty and colours in natural shades celebrate the aesthetics of authenticity, all this is made perfect by details at the highest level of craftsmanship. The collection is prodcued as a limited edition.

"Good design is reflected by the simple consensus of natural form and possibilities of productioin. The subtle crafted aura of the bed series echos the nature of NWW.“Since1989 arge2 has been working successfully in the areas of interior design, product, industrial and graphic design in Innsbruck and Munich. Creation of innovative, creative, technically , functionally and economically harmonious concepts. Design for NWW: bed

"As in a foreign city, we also look for points of reference in rooms. Steps need directions, view needs persepctives.“Born in 1952. Lives in Cologne, works in Europe and Asia. Since 1996 studio for interior decoration and design specialized in interior and housing concepts. Design for NWW: 


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