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"We experience everything through the senses. The senses react to the quality of things. Nothing escapes the senses."Born in 1944. Lives and works in Hamburg. Since 1985 he has been running a studio for design and interior decoration. At the same time, he also develops products and creates corporate identities. Numerous international rewards. He enriched the collection of Neue Wiener Werkstätte with WEEKEND, JULIA, JULIET und

"The source of success? Quality, aesthetics, uniqueness and responsibility in thinking and action - from the initial design to the final product. The path leads against the current where only the best will survive the journey.Born in 1944. Lives and works in Rhineland close to Cologne. Interior and product designer. Numerous international awards in Europe, Middle East, Japan and the USA. Has been closely connected to NWW for a long time. Designs for NWW: ALEX,

"Upholstered furniture does not need corners or edges. Soft forms convey comfort and invite even modern nomads to linger." 

Born in 1955. As creative director of NWW he is responsible for internal product development from design to the finishing touches and also plans exhibitions and trade fairs. Designs for NWW: ALLEGRO, BASSO, FIGARO, INNENAUSBAU 4, JOHAN, MIRABELL, NUOVO, OSCAR, PALAIS, VALENTIN and WW19 writing desk.


"A creation is perfect, if I cannot remove anything - if I cannot add anything“

Born in 1931. Died in 2009. Painter, sculptor and designer. Lived and worked in Buenos Aires, Nuremberg and Paris. Invented the "seating landscapes" in the early 70s. Internationally renowned furniture designer. NWW-classics: CASTELL, CHATEAU, DONNA, FOREVER, JOLLY, ORIENTAL, PLAYER, TAXI.


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"Iti is a pleasure to see with how much love and quality NWW produces its furniture.“

Born in1967 in Linz, Austria. Degree in business administration, then set, light and furniture design. She worked also for Minotti. In 2009 she re-designed the complete NWW collection. Her works: ATRIUM, BOHÈME, LOOP, METRO, TRIPLE.


"The attitude that form follows function is as outdated as the opinion that sex is only for reproduction.“

Born in 1970 in Brasil. Lives and works in Vienna. Studied industrial design, international exhibitions (Triennale Milano, MAK Vienna). Was awarded the Austrian state prize for design. Professor for product design at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel, Germany. The extraordinary design of the FX 10 lounge chair and the hybrid furniture TABLECHAIR delighted the visitors of numerous international exhibitions and trade fairs.

"Formal longevity, first-class craftsmanship, high-quality materials - my standards correspond to those of NWW!"

Born in 1966, he lives and works in Switzerland. The designer, interior designer and cosmopolitan studied at Zurich University of the Arts and the Art Center College of Design Pasadena. Since 1994 design studio CONZEPT-B, agency for interior and product design. works: SERAIL, TONIC.


"I feel at home in Arts and Crafts, in Tradition and Contempora!“


Born in 1944. Lives and works in Potsdam. Most successful German fashion designer, founder of the fashion and cosmetics brand JOOP! and of the fashion lablel "Wunderkind". In 2011, presentation of a new furniture and upholstered furniture collection in cooperation with NWW.

A group of elements that exudes seating comfort. The cosy upholstery and low-slung looks invite you to relax - alone or together, depending on your desire or mood. The four elements can be combined into individual seating situations. This range of alternatives offers exactly the right seating position for all occasions.


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